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Genplus Product Range

Genplus is in the business of energy storage and integrated solutions with renewable technologies, currently based in Singapore and serving the South East Asia and Asia market. We have a variety of products that are able to suit a wide range of energy and power needs.

If you are unsure of what product you need, please send us a request to or contact us through this website. We will reply with our recommendations as soon as we can.



Energy Storage Systems

Providing energy storage solutions is one of the core focuses of Genplus. We develop customized energy storage systems with our proprietary platforms that can support various battery chemistry and systems, like lithium batteries, lead acid batteries and more.

Battery Products

Genplus manufactures customized lithium battery modules, with sizes ranging from applications for portable power up to fully built energy storage containerized systems. Genplus also develops battery management systems targeted at different battery types.

Industrial & Portable Power Products

A range of customizable, built-to-order portable power systems designed for industrial and special applications.

Industrial power systems are designed for outdoor applications under harsh environmental conditions.

These include off-grid solar powered systems, hybrid power systems and backup power systems.

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