About Us

An ESS Solutions Provider

Genplus is a Singapore-based company incorporated in 2013. The company designs and manufactures proprietary battery solutions and ESS, offering customizable turnkey ESS which are ready for connection to medium or high voltage grids, covering a capacity range of 5kW residential ESS to 5MW utility scale systems.

Over the years, Genplus has built its reputation as a reliable smart energy solutions provider and partner. The company's experience in implementing ESS for the last six years has enabled the provision of optimized solutions that are ready for grid connection.



Quality Product Assurance

All Genplus' systems are designed and assembled in Singapore with stringent quality control standards. All systems are integrated with remote support, allowing Genplus' technical and managerial personnel to respond quickly to customer's requests.


Strong Engineering Team

With a team of multidisciplinary engineers and scientists, Genplus continuously seeks out new technologies and collaborations in renewable energy and material sciences.


Currently, our research interests include new battery technologies, energy & battery management systems, power electronics systems and distributed energy resources systems.