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Singapore: Ahead of The Curve

GenPlus, Press Release, 20th Dec 2021 at 10:00 AM Singapore Time

SINGAPORE (20 Dec 2021) – Genplus has recently been featured by Newsweek as part of a business report entitled Singapore: Ahead of The Curve. The article focuses on themes of renewability and sustainability in the energy sector.

Below is an excerpt from the article about Genplus:

“Expanding partnerships internationally to developers and system integrators of renewable energy solutions and microgrid systems is one of the goals of Genplus Managing Director Lim Ming Chiat. Others include marine vessel builders pursuing electrification and EV manufacturers interested in repurposing batteries.

"Today, renewable energy and environmental sustainability are topics that are becoming increasingly relevant. The conundrum in the energy crisis in the world now is that our ever-growing energy needs are fueling the worsening of the climate crisis. Most solutions point towards electrification, which only becomes sustainable if the electricity is clean," he says.























Genplus has taken the pandemic as an opportunity to restructure the way of conducting business, capitalizing on digital technologies to build and maintain relationships beyond South-East Asia. With their technological capabilities and brand agnostic nature, they were able to help customers solve certain supply chain problems brought on by the pandemic. Furthermore, in 2020 Genplus opened a boutique manufacturing line and sorting facility for repurposing batteries. In 2021, the company was awarded an EMA grant for development of new efficient ways for second life battery sorting processes.

With the world's second busiest container port, transportation leaves a large carbon footprint in Singapore and Genplus is working to develop technologies for the electrification of the transport sector by enabling marine engine hybridization and energy storage.

Like others, Genplus sees the Singaporean government as being supportive of technology firms and allowing them to thrive with pro-business and entrepreneurship policies. While clearly pro-business, these policies are being developed within the sustainability framework of the Four Switches and the Singapore Green Plan 2030.”

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine with a global outreach and readership. The magazine provides in-depth coverage and analysis of major events that happen around the world.

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