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Conext™ CL125 String Inverter



Product Description

​The ConextTM CL125 is the latest three phase string inverter designed for utility scale power plant systems built with 1500V photovoltaic (PV) modules.


With 125kW output power, industry leading conversion efficiency, fast commissioning, and easy installation and service, it is able to deliver the maximum ROI for your PV plants. Designed to Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability and quality standards, the CL125 offers optimized CAPEX & OPEX for the lifetime of your project.


Backed by Schneider Electric's broad range of medium voltage products and system solutions, the Conext CL125 is the most bankable choice for small, medium and large PV power plants.

Product Features

Higher energy harvest

  • Industry leading peak efficiency at 98.8%

  • 125kW continuous power without derating till 50ºC

  • 1.4x overpaneling capability maximizes energy harvest


Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability testing

  • Electrolyte-free design at DC link guards against dried cap issue and improves long term reliability


Ease of installation and service

  • Smart device app and Bluetooth connection to accelerate commissioning work

  • Handy lifting mechanism to ease installation and service work


Solution to support grid connectivity

  • Broad range of Schneider Electric’s products that provide you with a total solution

  • Inverter supports both decentralized and modular central designs for 1500Vdc power plants

For more information on the product, please download our brochure.

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