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Off-Grid ESS-PV Solution for Floating Fish Farms


Since 2013, Genplus has designed and deployed several off-grid hybrid solutions of energy storage (ESS) with photovoltaic (PV) systems for off-shore floating fish farms in Singapore. The main objective for these systems is to reduce the reliance on the generator and reduce cost of diesel used while maintaining 24-hour operations on the fish farm.


System configuration on these floating platform typically depends heavily on the site physical limitation such as size and floor loading capacity. Current solutions deployed by Genplus would include a 20 – 60 kWp PV system, 20 – 100 kWh lithium ion battery ESS and a 5 – 20 kW power conversion system.

We are pleased to report that the solutions have since reduced our customer’s reliance on fossil fuel generators by 70%, provided them with long term cost savings and allowed them to operate 24/7.

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