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Modularized Energy Storage System


Product Description

Genplus's modular battery energy storage system comes in scalable outdoor modules ranging from 10 to 100 kWh energy capacities. Our solutions offers plug-and-play features that allow rapid installation at low installation costs.  They are ideal in situations where space or floor loading is limited; as the energy storage system is placed in the limited space available.


Our turnkey solutions comes fully integrated with a smart battery management system, power conversion system and control system.


Our battery technology agnostic approach allow our solutions to integrated different type of battery technologies and power conversion systems to tailor solutions to your requirements.


Product Applications

  • Micro-Grid System

  • Power and Grid System Load Leveling

  • Renewable energy (Solar and Wind) firming

  • Remote Off-Grid Power Generation

  • Distributed Energy Storage System

  • Peak Shaving and assets upgrade deferment


Product Features

Modular & Scalable

  • Our energy storage systems are available in various systems ranging up to 200kWh per module. Multiple modular ESS solutions can be connected in parallel to increase the total energy available to hundreds of kWh.


Ruggedized Outdoor Enclosure

  • All enclosures are outdoor rated, with fire suppression system, and environmental monitoring sensors. Options for heat exchangers and ventilation systems can be included as required.


Choices of Battery Technologies

  • Genplus offers a range of battery solutions from high power or high energy lithium iron phosphate (LFP), 2nd life lithium battery , lead carbon battery and lead acid battery to provide customers with cost-effective solutions.


Ease of Configuration

  • Our proprietary battery management system (BMS) allows the battery modules to be easily scaled in capacity. Each battery bank can be scaled serially to increase the battery voltage to match the power conversion system (PCS). Multiple battery banks each can be easily installed in parallel to increase the energy capacity.


  • As each battery bank is fully isolated, the ESS can remain operational while respective battery banks are shut down for maintenance. In the case of critical operations, the system can remain operating while replacement of parts can be carried out. Since the PCS, battery modules and controller system are housed in separate enclosures, the ESS can be easily configured and deployed.


Redundancy for Mission Critical Applications

  • The system architecture of the ESS allows a design for redundancy, thereby ensuring continuous operation for mission critical application where down time is not an option.

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