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Local energy storage solutions make EV charging possible in more South-East Asia locations

GenPlus, Press Release, 5th Oct 2022 at 10:00 AM Singapore Time

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SINGAPORE (5 Oct 2022) – Lack of sufficient and stable electricity supply in the majority of South-East Asia regions is a major bottleneck for fleet and property owners who need to run large-scale EV charging operations to enable the aspired speed of electrification of their own and customers’ fleets.

Virta, the leading global provider of end-to-end EV charging business solutions, has signed a co-operation with Singapore-based energy storage solutions growth company GenPlus. The two companies’ combined offering helps solve this bottleneck and supports local and regional companies in South-East Asia transition to electric mobility.  

GenPlus is a leading provider of storage and energy solutions with the capabilities to cover services throughout the energy storage system lifecycle, including design and customization, manufacturing, installation and integration, operation and maintenance, as well as recycling and disposal.

Virta’s smart energy management solutions include a charging management platform, energy management, charging payment services, charging hardware, installation, and financing. Over 65,000 charging points of over 1,000 customers in 34 countries run on the Virta platform and offer EV charging for over 650,000 registered EV drivers. 


Local energy storages combined with EV chargers running on the Virta platform, which has advanced energy management, enable the increased use of local renewables such as solar power. They also enable charging using the electricity stored during the cheapest prices, which results in lower charging costs.  

The main benefit of Virta and GenPlus’s combined offering is the high degree of independence from electricity grid limitations, especially in remote areas. This means companies can build charging stations in more places at an accelerated speed, regardless of the current grid maturity. 

“The Virta market-leading patented energy management technologies from vehicle-to-grid to load management make an ideal pair with GenPlus energy storages and allow us to expand their use case into EV charging. Thanks to the Virta end-to-end solution, we can offer our customers the fastest time to market with future-proof scalability,” says Mr. Lim Ming Chiat, Managing Director of GenPlus.

”Together with the GenPlus advanced energy storage solutions and local experience, the Virta EV charging platform brings unforeseen flexibility, especially to larger fleet operators such as bus, taxi, and delivery companies that have their own depos or maintenance facilities. Another key beneficiary group is large property owners and managers who want to run charging point operations in office buildings, shopping malls, and commercial parking areas,” concludes Mr. Dave Mommen, Asia-Pacific GEO Director of Virta.


Virta has operated in the world’s fastest-growing EV markets of Europe since 2015 and is present in more than 30 countries globally, enabling EV charging services of over 1,000 charging networks operating over 65,000 charging points on the Virta Platform. Through roaming, the Virta network offers its over 650,000 monthly active EV drivers access to EV charging through over 250,000 charging points in over 50 countries.


Virta is one of the biggest and fastest-growing market players in Europe. As an indication of the growth, Virta was ranked for the third consecutive year in Financial Times FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe 2022 list.  

Thousands of companies running on the Virta platform, and the ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certificates guarantee high quality, which means charging business operators can focus on their core businesses without worrying about reliability, maintenance, or scaling issues.

Virta has over 19 patent families, including trailblazing bi-directional charging technologies, and is the forerunner in technological development measured by patents relative to investments in the company.


Founded in 2013, GenPlus is a Singapore-based company that designs and manufactures proprietary battery solutions and energy storage systems (ESS). GenPlus provides grid-tied, off-grid, and micro-grid solutions for various applications such as peak shaving, load leveling, back-up power, and more. The company covers residential ESS to utility scale systems.

Over the years, GenPlus has built its reputation as a reliable smart energy solutions provider and partner. The company's experience in implementing ESS has enabled the provision of optimized solutions that are ready for grid connection.

GenPlus was one of the finalists of the Emerging Enterprise Award 2021, which aims to recognize young businesses that are less than 10 years old with an annual turnover of up to $20 million.  

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