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Grid-Tied ESS-PV Hybrid System


In this solution, a 1MWh energy storage system (ESS) with 350 kWp rooftop photovoltaic (PV) array was deployed to delay a transformer upgrade needed to power the new equipment for the factory. Genplus customized the container to fulfill the local regulations while ensuring the customer’s operational and marketing needs. This container solution was specially fitted with a control room which displays the performance of the batteries throughout its operation.



  • Release energy during high demand period to off-load power burden on the building transformers

  • Store excess energy from the photovoltaic system and release energy for use later

  • Minimize the effect of solar intermittency for energy resilience within the factory

  • Charge using grid power during off-peak period and release energy during peak period for optimized utility economics

  • Improve power quality in factory through power conversion for higher energy efficiency

Container Design


PV System

Genplus also designed the photovoltaic array according to Singapore’s building code. A total of 350 kWp was installed.


The main application of the PV system is to generate electricity from solar energy generation to power building load, reducing the reliance on electricity from the grid.

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