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Portable AC Power System


Product Description


The G-series are portable AC power modules ideal for environments where high capacity portable power are required for mission critical equipment. The system comes with its own internal battery pack and can be connected to external hot swappable battery pack to increase the total usable energy capacity.


The output is available in regulated true sine wave 220VAC. Customized systems of higher power capacity are available upon request.

Product Features

  • High capacity AC power output

Power outputs are available in true sine wave 220VAC. Capacities of up to 10 kW are available.

  • High operating temperature and long operation life

The LFP battery has a long service life up to 10 years (7 years typical) with more than 2000 recharge cycles and an operating temperature up to 70°C.

  • Electrical Protection

The P-series is comprehensively protected against short circuits, overloading, over-voltage, over temperature and has surge protection.

For more information on the product, please download our brochure.

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