Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a list of questions that customers often ask us. If you have other queries that are not found here, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.


Market FAQs

1) What markets do GenPlus mainly serve?

2) Who are GenPlus's primary customer segments?

Product FAQs

1) What kind of batteries does GenPlus use?

2) What features do GenPlus products have that will give me an advantage?

3) Are solutions customized or is there a standard solution?

4) I have an issue with certifications. What do I do?

5) Can I buy individual parts from GenPlus instead of the complete solution?

Delivery and Payment FAQs

1) What are the accepted forms of payment? Can I make payments from more than one account?

2) What information do you need from me before making a delivery?

3) What should I bring during delivery?

4) If I am overseas, how long does it take on average for me to receive my products at our location?

Warranties and Certifications

1) What warranties and services does GenPlus have?

2) What certifications do GenPlus products have?

3) Do we have the option to purchase extended warranty?