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Conext System Control Panel



Product Description

The Conext System Control Panel (SCP) eliminates the need for separate control panels for each device and gives a single point of control to set up and monitor the entire Conext inverter/charger system, including Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. Featuring a graphical backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), the SCP selectively displays configuration, status, and diagnostic information for all devices connected to the Xanbus network.

Product Features

Higher return on investment

  • Get the most out of Conext inverter/charger systems and Conext MPPT Solar Charger Controllers

  • Clearly understand status and settings

  • Optimize system setup and device performance


Designed for reliability

  • Extensive quality and reliability testing Flexible

  • Monitor and configure Conext™ XW Pro, XW+, SW, MPPT 60 150, MPPT 80 600, AGS, Battery Monitor

  • Multiple SCPs can be used on the same Xanbus network

  • Compatible with Conext™ Gateway and ComBox


Easy to service

  • Access and troubleshoot Xanbus-enabled devices on the network from one location

  • Remove and replace without the loss of device settings


Easy to install

  • Surface mount or panel mount on wall

  • RJ45 connections for Xanbus network cables


True bankability

  • Warranty from a trusted partner with 180 years of experience

  • World leader in industrial power drives, UPS and electrical distribution

  • Strong service infrastructure worldwide to support your global needs

For more information on the product, please download our brochure.

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