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Conext™ CL60 String Inverter



Product Description

​The Conext™ CL-60 string inverter offers a highly integrated configuration, easy installation, commissioning and services, and world-leading efficiency performance.


It increases energy generation and reduces both CAPEX and OPEX. Along with Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability procedures, the Conext CL-60 is guaranteed for long-term and superior reliability.


The Conext™ CL-60 is the ideal choice for large commercial projects. It is built for distributed power generation architecture and compatible with a broad range of Schneider Electric MV products as well as Conext™ Gateway and Insight 2 for easier remote asset management and troubleshooting. We provide a complete system solution for peace of mind.

Product Features

Higher return on investment

  • Integrated wiring box reduces your CAPEX

  • String monitoring included

  • 66/63.4 kW continuous active power reduces total inverters per MW


Designed For reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous Multiple Environmental Over Stress Testing (MEOST), Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Temperature Humidity and Bias testing (THB)

  • Design and qualified for applications in tropical environments


Ease of installation and service

  • Pre-wired PV quick connectors

  • Zero tilt for flat mounting


Solution to support grid connectivity

  • Broad range of MV products to provide you with a total solution

  • Embedded grid support features

For more information on the product, please download our brochure.

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