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Conext™ CL36 String Inverter



Product Description

​Scalable and flexible PV architecture together with Schneider Electric’s broad range of low voltage products make Conext™ CL36 the ideal choice for commercial and industrial buildings.


Conext™ CL36 is compatible with Schneider Electric’s Conext™ Gateway and Conext™ Insight 2 for easier remote asset management and troubleshooting.


Backed by Schneider Electric’s global service infrastructure and its expertise in energy management, the Conext™ CL36 is the inverter you can rely on.

Product Features

Higher return on investment

  • 98.5% peak efficiency

  • String monitoring included

  • Includes 3 MPPT inputs


Ease of installation and service

  • Less than 50 kg for easy installation

  • Fast commissioning with Conext™ Gateway

  • Remote monitoring via Conext™ Insight 2


Intelligent design

  • Support DC/AC ratio up to 1.3

  • Integrated DC fuses and DC/AC surge protection


Solution to support grid connectivity

  • AC coupling compatible with Schneider Electric storage products

  • Offered with complementary LV distribution products from Schneider Electric

For more information on the product, please download our brochure.

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