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Battery Monitoring System


Product Description

Genplus's battery system monitoring module can be used to monitor lithium batteries and lead acid batteries. The module adds sensory intelligence to your battery bank system and allows you to keep an watchful eye on its performance.


The module can be customized based on system requirements and can monitor battery voltage and current. It has an integrated web based data-logger with date & time stamps. The module can be remotely monitored via SNMP interface, Ethernet or RS-485 & CAN communication.

Product Features

  • Cell voltage, temperature and current measurement

  • Up to 300Adc current flow

  • Voltage from 250Vdc to 1000Vdc for battery channels

  • Multiple battery strings supported

  • Remote communication: SNMP interface V.3

  • RS485 & CAN communication

  • Embedded web server

  • Data logger

  • Date & time stamp

  • Battery low voltage cut-off

  • Temperature & humidity sensing

  • Compact DIN rail form factor or 19” 1U form factor

For more information on the product, please download our brochure.

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